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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage :
Kusum Modak is the creator and developer of the teaching method of AYM. Having trained more than 1500 students from approx. 39 countries for over 35 years, Kusum’s work is spreading around the globe bringing healing, transformation and opportunity. Retired since 2011, Kusum remains active and overflowing with vitality and ideas, determined to leave a legacy of well-sturctured instruction and values, refining the details of the job application. She actively participates in the planning of lessons, supervision and direct interaction with the students during training.
The knowledge of Yoga & Ayurveda , two Millenary sciences of Indian culture , were combined by Kusum Modak over the last two decades to create Ayurvedic Yoga Massage . This is one of the most complete massage techniques available.
Vigorous & essentially therapeutic , AYM requires extreme concentration , not only from the therapist but also from the patient, bringing both to a deep meditative state. Slow, rhythmic & deep touches , use of natural oils like sesame & calamus powder (Vekhand), this massage is done on a mattress .This work is nothing but meditation. Therapist stretches patient, unraveling tension knots. Little by little the body opens like a flower : one petal at a time . And so free from internal & external tensions, by means of complete body mind integration, physical & psychological changes take place.
This technique has 3 important aspects, Warming up of the body, stretching, working on joints & muscles. This Improves posture, breathing ,blood circulation ,boosts vital energy promoting individual's balance . AYM brings benefits to every level- physical, mental & energetic. Many people go in deep sleep after the session & are revitalized.
This technique includes more than 120 streching maneuvers, ten to fifteen of which are applied in a session. Some are intended to increase spinal flexibility , some to open the chest, the others are aimed at stretching arms & legs. The selection of the movements is based on the set of goals & on the patients physical condition .Effects are intensified by the patient's slow & deep breathing which promotes greater cell oxygenation & profound muscle relaxation. At the same time breathing enables greater amplitude of movement, facilitating the stretching maneuvers. Towels are used to give traction to cervical & lumba-rea. Support – Lock – Stretch are the key words in every maneuver in AYM. As recommended by Ayurveda, this therapy does not treat symptoms but tries to find out the root of the problem. AYM has been proved effective in posture disorders, frozen shoulder, arthritis , disc protrusions ,spondylitis, muscle contraction, depression, panic disorder, fibromyalgia, insomnia, migraines, constipation, anxiety, low self esteem& many other disorders.
Training in AYM : Conducted in 10 days immersion format on a farm/Ayurvedic clinic, where the practical and theoretical method is combined with lectures and demonstrations by specialists in Ayurveda, Yoga and AYM, moreover establishing the authentic teachings of the master Kusum Modak, creator of the technique. This training deepens, enriches, and transforms the way we see, feel and deal not only with people who seek treatment but also to us, we learn to deal with our own being in a more generous and conscious way.
Training in AYM allows therapists to :
  1. Analyze the physical & emotional needs of the client.
  2. Understand the client’s limitations.
  3. Treatment planning and application( a progression of a minimum 4 to 6 sessions)
  4. Guidance for habit changing.
Successful completion of this course will give therapists 75 CEUs & certification qualifying you to practice and teach AYM. The course is designed for trained therapists and health professionals such as Doctors, Physiotherapists, Yoga teachers, Physical Educators and Massage Therapists