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Dr. Sonali Shinde

In this modern world where breath taking changes are taking place, every human being’s life has never ending race against time, technology and his own targets. It leads to stress which in turn produces physical and mental ailments. Dr. Sonali Shinde’s own experience suggests that ‘ayurved’ holds the key to conduct this stress. This yoga of life is useful for preventing diseases,achieving longevity and treating various disorders.

Kerala Ayurved Chikitsalayam, was established in 1996 , for ayurvedic treatments, training and promotion of ayurved. Dr. Mrs. Sonali P. Shinde, an Ayurvedacharya and a yoga expert is the proprietor of this institution. She is a graduate from Pune University in 1994 with post graduate diploma in Panchakarma and has completed Yog & Ayurved diploma from TMV,Pune. She has visited various centers in Kerala & has got thorough experience of Kerala panchakarma and traditional practice under the able guidance of Vd. Gangadharan and Vd. Srinivasan from CNS Chikitsalayam.She has also undergone training in Chavetti Uzhichil, traditional foot massage for kallari. She has been successfully treating Arthritis, Psoriasis, digestive disorders, Diabetes, Hypertension, allergies with ayurvedic medicine and panchakarma since 15 years. She has been invited to Germany, France, Brazil to promote ayurved. She is one of the founder members of International Academy of Ayurved ( IAA) & co-coordinator of World Yoga and Ayurveda movement. She has done research work for the first CD on ayurved, `Total Health’. She has been teaching local & students from various countries since 1996. Correct diagnosis, effective medicines, trained therapists, clean and well equipped setup is the reason to visit KAC to assure health.

Kerala Ayurved Chikitsalayam offers the therapies which are preventive as well as curative for various disorders. The body-mind–soul balance is created through correct diet, various massage therapies, detoxifying the body through panchakarma , healthy lifestyle with yoga and meditation.

Consultation with Ayurved Doctor
This includes Body type analysis (Vata-Pitta-Kapha ratio), diet advice according to prakriti & season, yoga exercise .Treatments can be advised according to each individual. These packages include Panchakarma treatments which can be for 3, 5, 7, 14 days.

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